Sienna Miller sues British tabloids over pictures of her with Balthazar Getty

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Sienna Miller & Balthazar Getty

Sienna Miller is suing British tabloids, News of the World, and the Sun, claiming that they violated her privacy by publishing pictures such as the one above. These pictures could be used as evidence that Balthazar Getty was in an adulterous relationship with Sienna while still married to his wife Rosetta.

A source close to Sienna says that she’s not a homewrecker and that Balthazar’s marriage has been over for quite some time.

Balthazar has only said that he’s embarrassed.

They shouldn’t have been flaunting it with Balthazar’s wife sitting home with four kids. This whole situation makes Sienna Miller look bad in the public eye.

She probably thinks because she sued the tabloids before for filming her doing a nude scene for a movie, that it’s okay in this instance, as well. Methinks not, they were in public for the world to see.

I’ll keep you posted on how this one plays out.


  1. Sprmcandy

    Good grief, now I have heard everything.

  2. M. Hunt

    They were not in public. Boat was off a private beach, where they could expect 100% privacy. But the paparzzi were in camo gear, and hanging off cliffs with rope!

  3. Bob

    M. Hunt,

    Doesn’t matter if they were on a private boat… First they were outside… so any passer-bye could see (and legally take pictures)
    Second… telephoto lenses on go to 1200mm (2400mm with a doubler, and 3840mm with a 1.6 format ccd)… so go out from shore 3-4 miles. then all you would have to do is look for the paparazzi on boats (a lot harder to use telephotos then, so they would have to get a LOT closer). People just need to learn that if they are going to do that stuff in the open, that they are just going to have to deal with the consequences.
    my last note… I hate the paparazzi!!

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