Ryan Reynolds Wants A Baby With Blake Lively

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The latest issue of Star magazine reports that Ryan Reynolds is in a super big hurry to knock up his younger wife, Blake Lively. Little does he know, but if she doesn’t want the mommy role just yet, there are plenty of women out there that would be happy to do it for him!

From Star magazine’s print edition:

Ryan Reynolds, 36, is anxious to grace the world with ridiculously good-looking babies. He’s desperate to have a child of his own with wife Blake Lively! But Blake, 25, isn’t as keen on it because she wants to focus on her career.

“Ryan is getting quite impatient about it,” spills a friend close to the couple. “Blake promised Ryan he’ll be a daddy by the time he’s 40. You can’t blame her for wanting to wait, because she’s so young, but he’s hell-bent on changing her mind. He’s wanted to start a family for years. It was one of the main reasons he split from Scarlett Johansson – because she wasn’t interested.”

Get it girllllllllllll — before someone else does!

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