Ryan Gosling Doesn’t Feel He’s Sexy

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This has got to be the sham of the century…Ryan Gosling does not feel that he’s one sexy mofo. WTF, right?!? Is he crazy?

Okay, so he has been snubbed for the People magazine Sexiest Man Alive title, but still, he is one hot piece. We’re guessing that he’s just modest and doesn’t want to come off as some “I’m sexy and I know it” douchebag.

He finds his sex symbol status quite amusing because he doesn’t consider himself to be this sexy beast that we all know he is. He said in a new interview, “I don’t think of myself as particularly good looking and not at all a typical leading man actor. I have a greater affinity for characters who aren’t mainstream leading man kinds of roles, although I enjoy playing basically any character as long as the film has something interesting to say about life.”

He went on to say, “I hate feeling that I’m just doing a job for a paycheck. The whole notion of being a movie star is part of the myth-making process that goes on in the film business. You create this great illusion on screen and then the illusion is taken to a different level when actors become mythologized.”

He added, “I’ve been fortunate to appear in a few romantic films, which impart a kind of leading man aura onto you. I don’t think that’s my destiny as an actor and I’m not pursuing those kinds of roles.”

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