Rihanna’s Partying Is Way Out Of Control

By Misty Rihanna

Rihanna’s partying ways have spiraled out of control, according to the latest gossip. In fact, if the singer wants to fulfill her commitments on her tour, she needs to make some “serious lifestyle changes”.

A source has revealed, “Rihanna’s illness was so severe that doctors warned it could take months for her to fully recover – there were worries that she’d have to cancel her entire tour. She was forced to cancel two of her Diamonds dates in Baltimore and Boston after coming down with laryngitis.”

The source went on to say, “She has since resumed the tour and promised to reschedule the canceled shows. They’ve told her that she needs to make some serious lifestyle changes, or risk this happening again. This has given her a scare. But Rihanna knows it’s partly self-inflicted. She loves to smoke, drink and stay up late. Her body was bound to need a break at some point. She’s now on a mission to start looking after herself.”

Rihanna is said to have realized that her relationship with Chris Brown has had a negative effect on her life. The spy added, “RiRi’s received death threats, verbal attacks and has fallen out with some of her best friends recently, including Katy Perry. This has taken a huge emotional toll.”

Girlfriend needs to get it together!

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