Rachel Weisz’s Son Thinks Her Boobs Are The Biggest & The Best

By Roberta Ferguson Uncategorized

Rachel Weisz

This actually sounds a lot more creepy than it actually is. Rachel Weisz appeared on David Letterman last night where she talked about her three-year-old son.

She says that the tot hasn’t embarrassed her just yet, but she’s bracing for it. His problem? He likes boobs. More specifically, her boobs.

Little Henry seems to have developed a love for the female form. She says, “There’s two things he’s interested in: firemen and women’s breasts. He just talks about them all the time and he thinks I’ve got the biggest breasts in the world, which clearly isn’t true! He does (talk about them in public) but he’s not embarrassed me yet. Although I’m sure that’s still to come.”

It was a cute interview and not at all creepy, even though it may have come off like that. She’s funny and talented, love her.

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