Prince Harry Is Excited To Be An Uncle

Prince Harry is super excited to become an uncle when his brother Prince William and his wife Duchess Catherine Middleton give birth to their first child this summer. This is the first time that Harry is speaking out about becoming an uncle. In a new interview, the party prince says that he’s thrilled about his first niece or nephew.

When leaving Afghanistan, he gave an interview where he spoke of welcoming the tot into their family for the first time. He said, “Obviously I’m thrilled for both of them. It’s about time. I spoke to my brother and her, and they’re both very well and both very happy obviously.”

He is also hopeful that the media will respect their privacy during this time. He said, “I think it’s very unfair that they were forced to publicize it when they were, but that’s just the media for you. I literally am very, very happy for them, but I just only hope that she and him – but mainly Catherine – hopefully that she gets the necessary protection to allow her, as a mother-to-be, to enjoy the privacy that that comes with. I seriously hope that’s going to be able to happen.”

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