Paparazzo attacked by surfers defending Matthew McConaughey

Matthew McConaughey

We should call this one the Chronicles of the Shirtless Wonder, because it looks like Matthew McConaughey doesn’t own any, ever. And we’re not complaining, Mattie boy is hot.

A snapper was attempting to take pictures of our shirtless friend at the beach, when he was attacked by a mob of surfers who threw his camera into the ocean.

Here’s what went down:

“I’ll give you a thousand bucks if you leave right now,” one of the young men in swimsuits tells the photographers. Another shoves a photographer filming the scene, and still another says, “We’ll draw a line in the beach, and we’ll fight for the beach. If you guys win, you can have the beach.”

When one member of the group shouts at a photographer, “Get a … real job,” the photographer replies, “This is a real job. What do you do?” The man replies: “I just drink beer and party.”

That’s what I aspire to do, drink beer and party. Forget bills and having a real job, let’s all just get drunk!

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