Octomom Nadya Suleman Is Back On Welfare

Well this news surprises absolutely no one. After trying porn and masturbating herself to a month’s rent, Octomom Nadya Suleman is back on welfare!

Her plan to diddle herself didn’t pay out for the long run and she is poor once more. Awww. According to the latest gossip, she has already splurged her entire savings on her recent trip to rehab. Remember, she was addicted to Xanax? Well, now she is turning to the state to help take care of her brood of 14.

Contact Music reports:

According to TMZ, the mom of many will be receiving $1,800 for food, $1,000 for “emergency cash” (that’s gotta be a hell of an emergency if it’s going to earn you $12k per year) as well as Medi-Cal benefits to help her with dental treatment and mental health treatment, too. We’re unsure whether or not Nadya intends on returning to her porn career to help out with the bills but for now, it’s the US taxpayers that will be helping to fund her lifestyle.

She is so gross. Why have so many kids that you just can’t take care of? Oh yeah, and she is gross for the diddle porn, too.

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