Nicki Minaj Was Late To American Idol Last Night

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As the top ten geared up for their performances on last night’s episode of American Idol, there was only one thing missing: Nicki Minaj!

Curtis Finch, Jr. was the first to take the stage on the live shows last night, but unfortunately for him, he missed out on any commentary from the outspoken judge. In fact, she was caught up on the highway on the way there and missed his performance entirely.

When the second singer took the stage, Nicki was at the judges’ table, but was wearing a hoodie and some ultra-funky sunglasses. During the commercial break, Nicki obviously sat for some makeup and was ready to roll on with the show.

Didn’t anyone tell her that the show would be live at 8PM?!? Get it together, girl! In case you’ve missed the show, you can read the full judges’ commentary here.

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