Nick Hogan is getting out of jail on October 21st, three months early!

By Roberta Ferguson Nick Hogan

Nick Hogan

Nick Hogan is getting released from the Pinellas County jail three months earlier than planned, for good behavior. His release date is set for October 21st. I wonder if he’s still planning on having a camera crew there to film the whole thing for his new reality show.

He was originally sentenced to do eight months in jail for the wreckless driving incident that led to his best friend, John Graziano, being a vegetable.

A source inside the jail, who did not want to be identified, says, “They automatically get credits towards early release, and if they don’t do anything bad while they’re here, they get to use the credits.”

His sister, Brooke, says that she looks forward to his release. She says, “I’m not sure where he’ll live. I think he’s going to do his own thing.”

The Graziano family’s attorney, George Tragos, says that it’s standard procedure and that “There is no way for us to impact his release date, it’s not within our control. It’s a formula worked out by the sheriff.”

At least we can hope he got roughed up in there for what he did to that poor kid.

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