Nick Hogan & his family blasted for showing no remorse

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Hulk, Brooke, & Linda Hogan

Hulk Hogan and his entire family are a bunch of losers that should not be allowed to walk the Earth. The entire family has been chastised by John Graziano’s parents and rightfully so. In case you missed it, even though I’m not sure how that’s possible, Nick was drinking and driving and wrecked and almost killed his best friend.

Nick is currently in the pokey for eight months, serving his sentence at Florida’s Pinellas County Jail. He made phone calls to his parents, but unbeknownst to him, they were being recorded.

Nick can be heard on the tapes, telling his father that he would show up for his court hearing in his jumpsuit for the sympathetic factor. What he doesn’t know is that no one in their right mind is going to feel sympathy for the poor little rich kid who thinks he can get away with murder.

A statement released by the Grazianos via their lawyers reads: “These tapes clearly show what the Bolleas said in court was calculated to give the Court the impression that Nick deserved a break. It was a true Academy Award performance. They (the Bollea family) spoke of their love for John and they expressed how sorry they were, but their true feelings have now been revealed in the tapes…”

Also in the works is a reality show starring Nick hogan, with cameras set to film him as he’s released from jail.

Ed Graziano goes on to say: “The reason he (Nick) was put in jail is to think about what he did to my son. (But) that’s the last thought on his mind.”

That kid doesn’t deserve his freedom. His punishment should’ve been having to lay in a hospital bed, not being able to talk or eat, or communicate at all….for the entire eight months. He should be fed through a feeding tube and have to live like a vegetable.

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