Miley Cyrus’ Nude Photo Is A Fake

Miley Cyrus

Yesterday, a nude photo reported to be Miley Cyrus hit the internet. A girl was seen posing in a doorway with a flannel shirt, wearing a watch similar to one that belonds to the Disney starlet.

Since it was reported that Miley is a fan of sexting, it was said that the photo was proof of that, and possibly something that she would’ve sent to one of her boyfriends. The only problem? The picture was missing the “Just Breathe” tattoo that Miley had gotten underneath her left breast.

Also, her camp has already said that the photo is a fake!

Reportedly, Miley’s iPhone was stolen after a recent party in Madrid, Spain, and was said to have contained several photos of her in her closet and also the nude pic. Her people have said that no photos of Miley nude exist or have ever been leaked.

You can go on about your business now.

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