Michelle “Bombshell” McGee’s Sex Tape Partner Is Her Doppelganger?


Does Michelle “Bombshell” McGee have a twin? Looks like Emily Parker runs as a close double to her which is why she was used in the Hustler porn parody “Untrue Hollywood Stories: Jesse James” playing as “Bombshell”.

The story told is that Emily contacted Michelle on Twitter to tell her she was playing her in the parody and ever since then they have been close friends. I’ll say. Emily is the other woman in the sex tape with Michelle. If you take a look at the photo on TMZ you will notice that the woman in the tub with “Bombshell” licking her toes just so happens to be Emily! That’s keeping it close.

I guess Emily wanted to make sure she could play the part well so she decidedly spent some time with “Bombshell” to make sure she got the part right. Now that’s doing your homework.

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