Michelle BombShell McGee Sex Tape Scandel (NSFW)


Michelle “BombShell” McGee, the former mistress to Jesse James, has reportedly been duped with a possible sex tape release. The Giant Porn king of the industry, Red Light District, has revealed that they have a sex tapes depicting her with two separate lovers, one a man and one a woman, and was supposedly all taped this year. RLD is stating they will release the tapes on a box set early next year. What a way round out the New Year.

Needless to say Michelle is not a happy camper about these tapes being found and will not agree to deal in order to publish them with RLD.

TMZ Had this to say:

But McGee’s manager, Gina Rodriguez, has fired off a letter to RLD … demanding they return the videos, which she says were stolen from Bombshell.
Rodriguez says McGee will sue if the tapes aren’t returned ASAP … and is asking RLD to return all copies and turn over the names of anyone who’s seen it.

So far no one has heard any comment from RLD concerning the matter.

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