Lindsay Lohan Already Whining For Another Rehab

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Lindsay Lohan has already whined her way out of two different rehab facilities before checking herself into the Betty Ford Center. When she got there and got all settled in, it was said that she hated it there and wanted out just as quickly as she got there. Not surprising, really.

After her initial thirty days in the facility, which was said to help her detox, she was moved to Cliffside Rehab in Malibu for the remainder of her court ordered rehab. Now, apparently she wants to leave there. Shocking, we know.

A source said, “Lindsay wants to transfer again. She wants to head east to where she wanted to go all along. She wants to be on the east coast because it’s easier for family to see her.”

Ugh. When she stops getting her way all of the time, then perhaps these stays in rehab may start helping her. They are just feeding her need to be in control of everything.

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