Kristen Stewart Wears Robert Pattinson’s Old Dirty Underwear

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Kristen Stewart is super gross, gross, gross if these rumors are true. The rumor mill says that Kristen has made the nasty habit of wearing Robert Pattinson’s gross, dirty old underwear. She’s just so hipster, isn’t she?

Reportedly, Rob’s best friend Jim Sturgess will be filming a movie called The Big Shoe with Kristen. And we’re hearing that he has a lot of the qualities that she is looking for in a guy. Couple that with the fact that Rob isn’t sure that they’ll be getting back together – and we have a possible scandal.

A spy close to Jim said, “Jim was in town last week for pre-production meetings on his new movie with Kristen and they got along really well! Jim is super shy and unassuming, he’s actually a lot like Rob – really polite and he has the cutest British accent. It’s quite posh, just like Rob’s. Jim and Kristen have major chemistry, they really seem to click. They were talking up a storm about England and how bad the weather is there. They talked about their dogs and music. Jim is a really talented musician, so they connected on that a lot too.”

Still, Jim is taken and Rob and Kristen might be reconciling. The snitch said, “There wasn’t any over the top flirting or anything, but Kristen was enjoying herself, she kept touching her hair and she was laughing a lot. Jim has a girlfriend and Kristen is back with Rob, so it’s totally professional between them right now.”

If she’s that gross enough to want to wear Rob’s old dirty underwear, then what guy in their right mind is going to want her?

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