Kirstie Alley Responds To George Lopez’s Pig Comments

Kirstie Alley & George Lopez

George Lopez recently likened Kirstie Alley to a pig on his late night talk show. But she is not taking his comments lying down.

She took to Twitter to respond to his comments, saying, “Don’t worry about George’s comments…just remember what happens to the big bad, drunk woolf…falls in a boiling pot of vodka.Piggy laughs”.

Since, he took to Twitter to apologize to her, tweeting this message, “I misjudged the joke. No malice was intended and I apologize to Kirstie.”

Not taking his apology, she responded, “@georgelopez I don’t need or want ur apology…I want your kidney dude..on behalf of ur X and all the women uv insulted…give it back”.

Nice! You go girl! You see, this is why we love Kirstie! She doesn’t hold anything back, and for that, we must applaud her.

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