Kim Kardashian Feels Handcuffed To Kris Humphries

Kim Kardashian has long been banging Kanye West and still, her divorce from Kris Humphries is still going on and on and on. It has gone on for so long that you would think she would just give him what he wants already…right?

He wants an annulment and she wants a divorce so that he will keep his trap shut about their 72-day marriage. He said that they married based on fraud so he wants it to be like it never happened.

Now, she’s blathering on about it saying that she feels like she’s handcuffed to Kris. She’s said to be desperate to end their marriage, but she could if she really wanted to, ya know? She could give him his annulment, but that would mean that he would speak the truth about their marriage. Obviously that is not something that she wants.

Kim’s lawyer told the judge, “Ms. Kardashian is now handcuffed to Mr. Humphries.”

Kris’ lawyer then said that if Kim really wants to end their marriage, she’s going to have to cave in and give him an annulment. A source said, “She thinks [she and Kanye] will get engaged and try for a baby once the divorce is final.”


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