Kiefer Sutherland- Attack Of The Christmas Tree!

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Good times, good times! Kiefer Sutherland posted this cute Christmas greeting on his twitter as a joke/remember when for all his followers to see. I guess he just wanted everyone to know that he still has a sense of humor even when he is the butt of the joke.

If you remember back in 2006 Kiefer was in London for the filming of “I Trust You To Kill Me” when he viciously attacked a Christmas tree without provocation. Was he drunk? Maybe he was just paranoid considering the movie he was filming? Maybe he thought the tree was a disguise for a sniper ready to kill? Maybe the guy that asked him about being a pirate set him off in an odd way? Whatever the reason it’s hilarious to watch and glad to see someone is in such great spirits before the holidays.

Check out the video at TMZ

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