Kevin Federline Wants $8,000 A Week For The Kids On Britney’s European Tour

By Roberta Ferguson Uncategorized

Kevin Federline

Poor Kevin Federline. He’s having such a hard time with making ends meet. With working 40 hour days leeching off of Britney, he has such a hard life.

A source says that even though Kevin Federline already gets $40,000 a month from being the sperm donor for Britney’s kids. The source adds that “Kevin has blown through millions of dollars. When he and Britney divorced, Kevin continued the superstar lifestyle, and he spends all the money he gets.”

To go on tour with Britney for the European leg of her Circus tour, he is asking for $8,000 a week more than normal, for each month that he’s there with them.

Dude, just get a job already!

Must be nice.

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