Kelly Preston Collapses Over Drug Use & Divorce Drama

By Misty Uncategorized

John Travolta and Kelly Preston’s reported marriage woes are featured on the cover of the latest issue of the National Enquirer. There have already been reports that these two are having a rough time in their marriage, but the Enquirer wants to add drugs into the mix?!? Come on…

We have no doubt as to the possibility of John’s many random “alleged” hookups with various men, but we don’t think any of this would actually drive his wife to a nasty cocaine or marijuana habit. Still, it’s the Hollywood lifestyle and it would not shock us whatsoever.

According to the magazine, Kelly is reportedly quoted as saying, “John will destroy me if I leave him.”

Seriously. She’s probably the one holding all of the cards here. She more than likely has so much more real dirt on him that she could fill three books. Don’t you agree? Perhaps next week’s cover will be that she has turned the tables on him. Here we go, giving the Enquirer some ideas again.

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