Katy Perry Took John Mayer Back Because Of Their Connection

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It appears that after Katy Perry allowed John Mayer to attend her Memorial Day barbecue, they have rekindled their romance. Perhaps they really do have some wicked chemistry together?

When he arrived at her place, a source said, “Things just clicked between them.”

The snitch said that the former couple were talking and carrying on so much that John was the last one to leave the festivities…in the morning…

A source close to John said that “they’re testing the waters again.”

Reportedly, they called it quits the last time because she was a partier and he didn’t want any part of that. The source said that the duo aren’t “boyfriend-girlfriend” and that John is still the same old John. The spy said, “John has a bad reputation. But Katy does what Katy wants.”

The pal said, “There’s nothing that can match the connection between them. You can’t explain it. They know a lot of the same people and have the same oddball sense of humor. She loves when he plays guitar. She’s like a little fan then!”

Katy’s friend added, “She isn’t looking for anything serious. I wouldn’t put it past Katy to see him on the road.”

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