Katy Perry Offends Transgendered People

By Roberta Ferguson Uncategorized

Katy Perry offends people

Katy Perry is offensive and I’m not just talking about her music, either.

Earlier in the month, Katy tweeted this photo above (uncensored) of a transgendered man. In her quote, she said, “NSFW! I knew those little white last week of the birth control pills would still have an effect on your body! FU.”

GLAAD is having their normal conniption fit over the Twitter goof and are asking their supporters to rally against Katy. They’re calling her offensive and want us all to retweet this message: “@katyperry Ridiculing a photo of a #transgender person is never OK. Pls educate yourself. (Pls RT!)”

Negative on that one, then she’d know that we care about her nonsensical Twitter messages. The best thing to do in this case is just ignore her and hope she goes away.

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