Katy Perry & John Mayer Nearly Engaged

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Katy Perry and John Mayer have been going strong in their relationship since August, but apparently they are taking giant leaps in their romance. Reports suggest that John is gearing up for a proposal!

A source said, “Although John really wanted to present Katy with an engagement ring over Christmas, he hasn’t found the perfect one yet. But he spent the holidays with Katy’s family and took her dad, Keith, aside to ask for his daughter’s hand in marriage.”

Apparently Katy wasn’t waiting around for permission from anyone to start talking about marrying him. The source said, “Katy’s been telling everyone they’re getting married. All her friends are worried she’ll end up heartbroken again, but she keeps saying John is the one.”

Katy’s brother and sister are urging her to wait before making the official walk down the aisle, though. The source said, “They told Katy to give it another six months before committing to marriage.”

Despite all of that, John is looking for the perfect vintage engagement ring to present to her. The insider added, “It’s funny – both of them used to be so wild, but now they just spend most nights at home and watching movies. They’re inseparable!”

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