Kato Kaelin Says O.J. Did Kill His Wife

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Kato Kaelin was around O.J. Simpson when he was said to have murdered his wife Nicole Brown Simpson along with her boyfriend Ron Goldman. At the time of the trial, he said that O.J. didn’t do it, but apparently that was only fear talking because he has since changed his tune.

Now, he’s saying that O.J. did, in fact, kill Nicole and Ron. Kato was the only person that was around O.J. at the time that the murders took place in June of 1994. TMZ reports:

Kato went to McDonald’s with OJ … came back to the house … and was in OJ’s guest house on Rockingham when OJ allegedly hit the air conditioner in an attempt to hide the bloody glove on that fateful night.

During the trial, Kato feigned ignorance … but now Kato told the NY Post that since he can’t be prosecuted for perjury he can now say … “Yes, he did it.”

He reportedly said, “I was too scared [to tell anyone]. I was terrified. People hated me. I’ve been spat upon. They threw gum in my coffee.”

Since, Kato has come forward to say that he never told anyone that O.J. did it. He said that he thought O.J. did it, but revealed, “I have no first hand knowledge.”

What do you think happened?

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