Kate Middleton & Prince William Are Having Twins

Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton and Prince William are featured on the cover of the latest issue of Life & Style magazine. The topic, of course, is Kate’s happy news that she is carrying Royal offspring! Yay for her that she was able to finally announce that she is with child. A royal heir to the royal throne, no less.

Rumor has it that they were waiting for around Christmas to announce their baby news, but her illness forced them to rush the announcement. Kate’s friend Jessica said, “They cried with joy when they found out she was pregnant. Catherine’s been steadily putting weight on since April this year and hasn’t been drinking for a good few months – they’ve been preparing all summer. It was decided that they’d try at the tail-end of the royal tour in September, and that’s when it happened!”

She went on to say, “The difference in Catherine is already tremendous. Her face is already fuller. She really is glowing.”

An insider said, “She’s due in July, which is a month full of significance for William. His mother, Diana, was born on July 1, and his parents got married on July 29.”

We’re wondering what they’re going to name their bundle of joy?

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