Kate Hudson & Madonna – The Almost Catfight?

Kate Hudson & Madonna

It was the catfight that never was. Alex Rodriguez’s new girlfriend, Kate Hudson apparently didn’t want to cause any commotion with Madonna, so when she saw that Madge had arrived at a party over the weekend, she quickly vacated the seats that Madonna and company eventually filled.

So was Madge impressed with Kate? Not one iota.

She barely even knew Kate was there. Much less to address the fact that Kate was cleaning up after her sloppy seconds.

A source says, “Kate was completely intimidated by Madonna. She clearly didn’t want trouble and decided to keep a low profile for the rest of the match.” A second guest said, “I didn’t even see Kate Hudson again after Madonna arrived. She ran away! But if I were dating Madonna’s ex, I’d be scared, too!”

Madonna doesn’t care about that nonsense. She’s got a much younger and cuter boy toy to play around with.

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