Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez Are Having Sex?

Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez

Recent photos of Justin Bieber and his girlfriend Selena Gomez surfaced on the beach in Hawaii. The young couple are on vacation there. Now, rumors are flying that the twosome are totally having sex. Totally.

After a snap of Justin holding onto Selena while she was straddling him in the water hit the internet, speculation started that this was not the behavior of two chaste teenagers. Of course it’s not, they’re young, rich and attractive kids. They probably are having sex. Let’s just hope that they’re using protection.

She’s eighteen and he’s only seventeen, so there’s that moral issue floating around. They’re a cute couple, though. Let’s just hope that they’re smart enough to do the right thing and not have any little Biebers emerging. They’re way too young for that.

What do you think? Should people mind their own business? Or should they have gotten a room before flirting openly in such a sexual way?


  1. Emily

    OMGGG i dont think they should in front of paps !!!!!!!

  2. ahmad

    i think well wat the hell is goin on they teenagers she hangin on his dick and he holdin her butt like omg and go too http://www.google.com and search
    justin and selena kissing theyll show him always touching her butt like does his mom kno about this wtf man im jealous

  3. real dude

    i think as teenager it is very ashamed because wat their doing shows how cheap we are and how it felt to do things secretly from your parents wat if they were poor like us how would they feel if their little siblings doing this lyk they see too much acting dirty movies hahaha suckers for this two very horrible dont you know anything about private ha no wonder still young to know

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