John Travolta & Kelly Preston’s Nasty Divorce Secrets To Be Unveiled?

By Misty Uncategorized

The tabloids love harping on about John Travolta and Kelly Preston’s divorce just about as much as they love populating Jennifer Aniston’s womb with many babies. Take this week’s cover of the National Enquirer, for instance.

They are dead set on John and Kelly divorcing, even though the both of them have denied it. Worse yet, they are still going on about John’s male friends. That would leave us with the insinuation that something has happened between John and his male pal, wouldn’t it? (Not that there is anything wrong with that…) It just screams “Gay!” without actually coming out and saying it, doesn’t it?

Still, apparently there are some secrets buried in the past about their son Jett’s untimely death. The magazine also states that he “beat his 14-year-old child & chained him to bed”. Was John being abusive to Jett? Is that the insinuation here? Or are they referring to “he” as John’s so-called male friend?

It does seem as if they are pointing the abusive finger at John, doesn’t it? What do you think? Should he sue?

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