Is Miley Cyrus trying to get out of her Hannah Montana contract?

Miley Cyrus

Is Miley Cyrus trying to get out of her contract with Disney for her hit show Hannah Montana?

For the past month, we’ve seen nothing but racy photos leaked of the Disney star, in addition to her “grown up” shots for Vanity Fair.

The pics of Miley in the shower with just a t-shirt on were leaked by someone who claims to have hacked her phone. But how true do you think that is?

Maybe she’s pulling these shenanigans as a way to force Disney into firing her? That’s my thought. I think maybe Miley feels its time for her to spread her wings and fly alone without the help of Disney.

I really don’t care for Miley’s brand of music, but maybe she wants to try to appeal to an older audience and break into the mainstream?

Did she leak those photos herself?


  1. cridic411

    no miley cyrus is her own person…donot act like just because she’s a star she has to have it worse than we did…miley is going on 18 yrs of age…we did the same things we we were her age….if it were us back then we would be laughing…now i do not promote he fact that she’s doing all of this…but don’t try to shake your heads at her when someone else can be shaking their headsat you also…chow BABIES…..

  2. samantha brown

    miley you used to be my role model but youve changed so much i now think maybe your a bad one? do what you want but you are turning away from millions of fans.

  3. Comanche119

    well, when im looking forward to Hannah’s playboy contract, lets hope its nude ;)

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