“Hitler did what he thought was good” – Will Smith

Will Smith

The I Am Legend actor, Will Smith, has said that Hitler thought what he did was good.

He went on to say that “Even Hitler didn’t wake up going, Let me do the most evil thing I can do today.”

I think this is not going to bode well for Will. We all love his movies and think he’s a phenomenal actor, but I think Tom Cruise’s Scientology nonsense is rubbing off on him. Hitler was evil, plain and simple.

Tom, keep your Scientolo-nuts away from Will Smith. We like him just the way he is.


  1. Ivan

    What kind of nonsense comment was that??? Are you kidding?

    I just don’t see any logic in your conclusion… I really don’t see that Will said anything about Hitler being good or doing good things. Hitler just did what he thought to be right (not good) and neccessary, and he was a certified psycho.

    Is Bush doing good deeds? No. So that means he’s EVIL? No. He is just a spoiled and immoral man. Hitler was mad about his nationalist ideas, and Bush is mad for money…

  2. llll

    will smith is a critical thinker, unlike you

  3. Duudee, x

    Omg, perhaps Will Smith actually looked into the history textbooks? Unlike you. Duudee get a life, Hitler didn’t think what he was doing was bad but to us it clearly was. He was a physo, you can’t blame him. ¬.¬ ,x

  4. SirStingray

    Will is entirely correct in his assessment. Hitler suffered from total delusions and megalomania. To describe him as “evil, plain and simple” is to over-simplify the myriad of psychological defects that he clearly suffered from. Evil is a concept, there is no such thing as an entirely evil human being except in fiction.

    Your analysis of this is ridiculous.

    By the way, check out the Jewish defence response to this! It’s a totally blown out of proportion comment that just calls Will names! Mad…

  5. Steve

    He certainly wasn’t justifying what Hitler did. He just means that few people actually go out to do evil even when they indeed do great evil. These people are so sick that they actually think they are doing good.

    There’s a difference between trying to explain and trying to explain away something.

    It is comforting to just say “he was evil, plain and simple” because it distances us from him. But the truth is he was human just like the rest of us. And there is a potential within all of us to be as evil as he was.

    Sorry, you might want to call him a “monster” in order to separate him from you, but indeed he was a human being and to me that makes it much more frightening.

  6. Steve

    I have often been interested in Hitler’s “good traits”. Not because I think it would equalize all the bad that he did or somehow I would start liking him or anything like that. But if Hitler had “good traits” and of course was still evil that means that other evil people might have some good traits and they would still be evil too. I hate how the press can make some modern day Hitlers (Castro, the Iranian Leader, etc) sound like good people by only focusing on their “good traits”.

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