Halle Berry & Gabriel Aubry Have Worked Out A Deal

It appears that Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry have worked out an “amicable agreement” over their legal problems which stemmed from the beatdown that Gabriel suffered at the hands of Halle’s fiance Olivier Martinez over the Thanksgiving holiday.

Gabriel was in court on Thursday afternoon with his lawyer along with Halle’s lawyer. The hearing was set to determine if Halle would try to have her protection order extended against Gabriel.

The joint statement released by their attorneys said, “The parties reached an amicable agreement. There will be no further statements regarding this matter.”

A source close to the case revealed, “Olivier will NOT be present in the future during the times that Nahla is dropped off and picked up between Gabriel and Halle. This was very important to Gabe going forward because he feared for his safety. Gabe was supposed to have Nahla on Thanksgiving, according to their custody agreement, but Halle asked if she could have the little girl that day and Gabe said yes. He had no obligation to do so, but he had been acting in good faith and knew it meant a lot to Halle, so he did it. Gabe was absolutely blindsided by Olivier and his rage.”

So basically Gabriel was being a nice guy in returning their daughter to Halle and got the holy crap kicked out of him as a result. Way to go, Halle. Go you.

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