Dolly Parton Has A Cancer Scare & Has Had Surgery?

By Misty Gossip

Dolly Parton covers the latest copy of the National Enquirer and inside the magazine talks about the surgery that she had to get rid of her cancer. Her cancer, WTF?!?

If Dolly really does have cancer, then no one really knew that ahead of time, did they? We’ve always seen Dolly as a more private person with regard to medical issues, so we wouldn’t be too shocked to find that this is true.

Despite that, the magazine says that Dolly has undergone surgery in order to rid herself of the cancer that she’s been stricken with. The magazine reports that the surgery has apparently saved her life. The magazine goes inside the hospital drama and tells us all of the details surrounding the singer’s life saving surgery.

Poor Dolly, let’s hope that these rumors are just rumors and there’s nothing more to it than that. What do you think?

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