Denise Richards Has Been Caring For Charlie Sheen’s Twins For A Year

Now that the child custody case between Brooke Mueller and Denise Richards is going to court, it appears that little details are slowly trickling out. Who knew that Denise was keeping Charlie’s twins for longer than we had originally learned?!?

We were of the mind that Denise had custody since Child Protective Services swooped in and took them away from Brooke due to her drug problems. Apparently, that has been going on for the better part of a year.

A source said, “Initially, Brooke willingly placed the boys in Denise’s care because she was going in and out of rehab, and using drugs. Child protective services has now asked Denise to give specific dates that she had been taking care of the twins, in advance of a big custody hearing in July.”

The source went on to say, “The boys have spent more time with Denise than with their own biological mother for the last nine months. The boys are a part of Denise’s family, and they are extremely happy in her care.”

The spy added, “Brooke doesn’t have any money saved and lives month-to-month on the child support. There is no way Brooke is going to get custody back of the twins any time soon.”

As well she shouldn’t!

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