Demi Moore Still Upset Over Ashton Kutcher & Mila Kunis’ Relationship

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It’s been a while since Demi Moore filed for divorce from Ashton Kutcher, but apparently she is still upset over his relationship with Mila Kunis. Reportedly, it still draws Demi’s anger when Ashton walks around town with his girlfriend, even though Demi and Ashton have been separated for some time.

A source said, “Demi wants nothing more than to be able to move forward with her life, but she’s still really, really upset about Ashton and Mila, it eats her up every time she hears about them or sees pictures of them together.”

The source went on to say, “She’s doing everything she can right now to live her life to the fullest, but it’s hard to move on because she still has feelings for Ashton and hasn’t found a suitable distraction just yet. Demi wishes things were different with her girls, she loves them, but they’re not speaking to her still and she doesn’t know what to do to fix things.”

The spy added, “She would like a new boyfriend and is actively trying to find one.”

Are you buying it???

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