Demi Moore Brokenhearted Over Ashton Kutcher’s Romance With Mila Kunis

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On the cover of the latest issue of People magazine is Demi Moore and her heartbreak over the public romance between her soon-to-be ex-husband Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis.

As she is about to turn 50-years-old, the cover states that the star’s friends are worried that her happiness is threatened by Ashton’s very public romance with Mila. A source close to the actress has revealed that she is “jealous and frustrated” by Ashton and Mila’s new relationship.

A source said, “What was humiliating was having her husband cheat on her in such a public way. But once that happened, she has not looked back.”

Another snitch said, “As hard as it has been, despite the depression of going through a divorce, she came through it.”

We can imagine that Demi has already been put through the worst part of their divorce, so let’s just hope that she can find love again with someone more her speed.

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