Cristiano Ronaldo caught up in sex scandal with prostitutes

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Cristiano Ronaldo

Manchester United star Cristiano Ronaldo was caught with his pants down, well not literally, but was caught red-handed when he bedded a couple of prostitutes after his team won the FA Cup on Sunday. After the game, he headed on over to Rome’s red light district and him and a friend picked up the hookers, before going to his hotel room.

“They paid for sex with the girls then swapped over so they could bed both of them.”

A source close to the hotel said that the guys had the prostitutes up there for an estimated two hours. He also went on to say that Cristiano had a big smile on his face the next day.

All I have to say is ewwww.


  1. suze

    all i gotta say is goooo ronaldo!!! lol

  2. madrileno

    YUCK!!!!!!!!!! what a playboy!

  3. Ahmed

    Stop being a playboy your just killing your destiny

  4. mike

    i wish i can have a sex with ronaldo huhuhu….

  5. sexc baitch

    i think renaldo is so fucking sexc but to hump 2 hookers thats just fucking nasty hey. how can you go dude damn why are you hot men so pathetic at times but anyway i still thinh you kak hot mawh

  6. sexc baitch

    i mean low lol

  7. MESSI

    hai what is your name MY NAMES MESSI OYEH

  8. c.ronaldo

    c.ronaldo fucks any girls

  9. hk

    y u seyin ewww for are yu gay?

  10. john

    ronaldo is a sex addict.

  11. inis

    that sucks…although he is a good soccer player but c ronaldo is really eww…what the hell?? such a jerk and playboy…

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