Courtney Stodden Might Release Her Sex Tape

By Misty Uncategorized

Courtney Stodden might actually end up with her sex tape “out in the media” after all!

After telling the public that she does have a sex video of sorts, she said that she wouldn’t be releasing it to the public. Now, it appears that she might have spoken way too soon. In fact, we see some serious dollar signs in this girl’s future. Haha.

After saying that hackers shouldn’t even bother looking for her sex tape, maybe she got a call from a porn company who wanted to showcase her wares for a high dollar amount.

She said recently, “There is that saying ‘never say never.’”

Translated to English, that means that she is in negotiations to get a pay day like Farrah Abraham did. What do you think? Are we off base here?

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