Chris Ivery Cheated On Ellen Pompeo

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Ellen Pompeo & Chris Ivery

Ellen Pompeo is expecting her and Chris Ivery’s first child later this year, so this news comes at an awful time. Chris Ivery has reportedly been knocking the boots with a 19-year-old waitress.

In May, the waitress, Rachel Artz, confirmed the affair, saying, “Yes, I had sexual relations with Chris. We were intimate several times.”

Ellen’s people have denied the affair rumors, but other source claim that Chris and Rachel have hooked up several times. An insider even says, “Chris promised Rachel that he’d make her a star — that’s his lure.”

For Ellen’s sake, I hope none of this is true. I would hate to think our Meredith Grey is married to a douche.

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  1. itchbay

    They are actually married! :(

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