Chris Hansen Had Another Mistress?

By Roberta Ferguson Uncategorized

Chris Hansen

To Catch A Predator host, Chris Hansen AKA Mr. Have A Seat Right There, was caught in a bit of a scandal when it was uncovered that he was cheating on his wife. Reportedly, he was hooking up with a Florida reporter and it was caught on tape!

Now, it appears that he was also cheating on that mistress, with another mistress. Did they tape that one, too?

Reportedly, Chris was secretly hooking up with a stripper and aspiring country singer named Kathleen Collins. She was said to be shocked upon finding out that he was sleeping with his first mistress.

A friend said, “I know this sounds crazy, but Kathleen really thought she was the only one.”

Another source said, “Kathleen feels like she’s been used and betrayed – Chris definitely broke her heart.”

Wow, really?!? Can you imagine how his wife feels about all of this?!? I can’t imagine she’s too thrilled with the idea of being cheated on with two different women. Duh.

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