Charlie Sheen Signs Two-Year Deal For Two And A Half Men

Charlie Sheen - Two And A Half Men

Charlie Sheen was playing hardball with the network and producers of his hit show Two And A Half Men, but has finally caved. The actor brought it down to the wire, as the network is to announce their new lineup of shows tomorrow. He negotiated and then some, but they brought a sweet deal to the table and Charlie accepted.

The L.A. Times reports:

Charlie Sheen confirmed Monday that he has agreed to a new contract on the hit comedy “Two and a Half Men.” The deal will keep him on the show for two more seasons and will make him one of the highest-paid TV stars in the medium’s history. The controversial actor was already making close to $1 million an episode under his old deal.

It was reported that Charlie’s people kept demanding close to $2 million per episode. Good grief, he’s a “PROSTITUTION WHORE-AH!”

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