Charlie Sheen Involved In Lawsuit

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Charlie Sheen has become the center of a lawsuit, but at least this time he’s not the one being sued! Charlie has been subpoenaed in the new lawsuit filed by his ex-wife, Brooke Mueller’s mother, Moira Fiore. Apparently there was some drama with regard to the purchase of Charlie’s hold house.

She claims that she wasn’t given her commission on the sale of the property. She was supposed to receive 25 percent as her cut of the profits when the house sold, but she says she didn’t receive the money. So she is suing real estate agent Marty Trugman over the monies.

Charlie, however, thinks that Moira should take the money that she earned from the house’s sale and give it to her grandchildren Max and Bob.

What a weird, messed up situation. We’re guessing that Max and Bob won’t ever have to really work because of their father’s success, so why would he think that Moira should have to give them her money?

What do you think?

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