Carrie Underwood Apologizes For Matthew McConaughey Joke

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Carrie Underwood

At the 2009 Academy of Country Music Awards, Matthew McConaughey was on hand as the presenter of the Entertainer of the Year award. He told a little story about how he got chicks by making custom boots for George Strait.

When Matthew presented the award to a very shocked and nervous Carrie Underwood, she was out of words. Really. She said, “I don’t know what to say, I got nothin’. I want to see those boots, Matthew.”

The joke was funny and cute and it could have easily been left at that.

Check out the video of the funny exchange:

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Pretty harmless enough if you ask me. After her nerves calmed down, she wanted to make sure she didn’t offend anyone, perhaps maybe Camila Alves, who was in the audience for the event.

She issued an apology, saying that she was embarrassed. She says, “I’m so embarrassed, I totally embarrassed myself. I just blanked. You want to say something eloquent in a moment like that and I embarrassed myself. I’m sorry Matthew, I’m sorry to my family. I’m totally embarrassed.”

Poor thing. She made a genuinely funny joke about some goofy story that Matthew said and she feels embarrassed? Crazy.

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  1. Charley Kane

    “…Apologizes For Matthew McConaughey Joke”
    Shouldn’t his parents be the ones to do that?

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