Bruce & Kris Jenner Not Getting A Divorce

It was rumored recently that Bruce Jenner was getting sick and tired of his wife Kris Jenner and was looking to get a divorce from her. Well, that rumor has since been busted!

A source who is supposedly close to the couple said that Bruce was sick of hearing about how Kris is obsessed with growing her family’s empire and that she was always putting him down to her pals. Kris was also said to be fooling around with other guys and — on top of that — even called him an old fart.

He was said to be discussing the division of their mutual assets and even working out a custody arrangement for his daughters with Kris. But alas, none of the rumors were true and they are not going their separate ways.

A source said, “They’re not getting divorced. It is all rubbish. This same basic story has been on covers of mags for the last year and none … is true.”

And there you have it. Let the famewhoring continue.

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