Brooke Mueller Called An Unfit Mother By Judge In Court

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Brooke Mueller was referred to as an unfit mother by the judge in her custody case. Who knew that fit mothers didn’t actually do mass quantities of drugs while around their young sons? Ha. There was a reason that Child Protective Services walked into her place and carted off with her twins and gave them to Denise Richards. Charlie Sheen is free to do whatever and Brooke can stay busy drugging and/or rehabbing.

A source said, “The judge was livid that Brooke ditched Betty Ford, for a more upscale and less stringent rehab in San Juan Capistrano. Brooke was told that she was an unfit mother and her actions had seriously harmed her chances of regaining custody of the boys anytime soon.”

The source went on to say, “It was apparent to everyone that Brooke isn’t taking her sobriety seriously. The judge was particularly irked that Brooke made the sudden move without even notifying her attorney or child protective services.”

Ugh. She’s never going to get those kids back and it doesn’t seem like she really cares. What do you think?

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