Brad Pitt Cheating On Angelina Jolie With His Assistant?

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Brad Pitt

OK! Magazine has Brad Pitt on their cover with the story that he might be cheating on Angelina Jolie with his assistant!

She’s been helping on the set of his new movie, World War Z and reportedly, Angelina is fuming mad that he’s there with the attractive, young brunette.

A source said, “Brad resents that Angelina is trying to control him. He told Angelina outright, ‘I’ve always had women friends, I’m always going to have women friends. End of story.’”

Reportedly, Angelina has already told Brad to stay away from his friend Catherine Keener as well as his ex, Gwyneth Paltrow, because she didn’t like how close they were.

The source revealed, “Brad just let the friendship go because of Angelina’s disapproval. But he’s not going to do that anymore. It’s affecting the way Brad likes to be as a person, and that’s just not cool with him now.”

There are always going to be rumors surrounding these two on the cover of tabloids. Do you believe them?

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