Ashton Kutcher Wanted Holiday Time With Demi Moore’s Daughters; Was Denied

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After being married for six years, Ashton Kutcher still felt like he was part of Demi Moore’s family….even though he was cheating on her like a dog and messing around with women in their twenties. Still, he felt that the sins of the step-father wouldn’t carry over to his familial relationship with Demi’s daughters — but he was wrong!

Ashton begged Demi to include him in her holiday plans with her daughters, Rumer, Scout and Tallulah….but they were having none of it. They have sided with their mother, of course, and have cut him completely out of their lives.

They even went as far as saying that they wanted Demi to keep their holiday plans a secret so that they wouldn’t get invaded by this douche. I can’t blame them one bit… Can you?

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