Angelina Jolie Wants To Get Pregnant Again

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According to In Touch Weekly’s latest issue, Angeline Jolie is looking to get pregnant again before she has her final surgery. As you may already know, earlier this year, Angelina underwent a double mastectomy along with breast reconstruction surgery. She wrote an open letter detailing her journey with her surgeries and said that she still wanted to have her ovaries removed.

Now, it appears that she is wanting another baby before closing the door on motherhood forever. The tabloid claims that Angelina wants to risk her life in order to have another baby with Brad Pitt. We don’t doubt that she probably wanted a larger family at one time, but now with her health issues, perhaps she should just be happy with what she has. She’s got six kids and a handsome fella to lay down with every night — and if that’s not enough, she is super rich.

Either way, if she wants another child bad enough, she’ll have one. Can you see it happening?

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