Alanis Morissette was the victim of statutory rape

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Alanis Morrisette

Alanis Morissette says that she was raped and abused as a teenager. She has written an autobiography in which she details her life experiences and the things she has suffered from, and eventually overcame.

She says, “I’m writing a book that will tell my life story. It details some of the things I have experienced and the abuse I’ve suffered. I was the victim of statutory rape and this book will help me get rid of the feelings of shame.”

She also says that the abuse she suffered was the source of all of the angst-filled songs on her album, Jagged Little Pill.

She adds, “My addictions were work and food. I smoked pot once in a while, but I’m too much of a control freak to be a drug person.”

Think she’s referring to her relationship with Dave Coulier? He is 15 years older than her. I’ve heard that he was the source behind the meaning of the album. Her relationship with him ended in 1993, but she was 19 at the time, so I’m thinking not. Do you think she’s just trying to promote a new album? Or is she just trying to heal from the damages of a hurtful and abusive relationship with a much older man?


  1. nobdi

    I think the fact that people are quicker to think that someone would use that horror to sell an album than to believe in the power of expression as a healing influence for sexual assault and rape speaks volumes about those people.

    Journalism perhaps needs a little more compassion and responsibility, don’t you think?

  2. Paulina

    She is just trying to make money! Shame on you Alanis

  3. SuperflyCarolineBitch

    TO Paulina;…She is just trying to make money??
    Are you stupid? What planet were you on in the 80′s and 90′s?

    When Maverick Records released Jagged Little Pill internationally in 1995. The album was expected only to sell enough for Morissette to make a follow-up, but the situation changed quickly when a DJ from KROQ, an influential Los Angeles radio station began playing “You Oughta Know,” the album’s first single.[7] The song instantly garnered attention for its scathing, explicit lyrics,[6] and a subsequent music video went into heavy rotation on MTV and MuchMusic.

    After the success of “You Oughta Know,” the album’s other hit singles helped send Jagged Little Pill to the top of the charts. Respectively, kept Jagged Little Pill in the top twenty on the Billboard 200 albums chart for more than a year.

    According to the RIAA, Jagged Little Pill is the best-selling international debut album by a female artist, with more than fourteen million copies sold in the U.S.; it sold thirty-three million worldwide[12], making it the third biggest selling album by a female artist, and the biggest selling debut album of all time, even though it was her third album.

    Morissette’s success with Jagged Little Pill was credited with leading to the introduction of female singers such as Shakira, Tracy Bonham, Meredith Brooks, Patti Rothberg and, in the early 2000s, Pink and fellow Canadian Avril Lavigne.

    Before that she was on 18 episodes of Nickelodeon’s You can’t do that on Televison, had other albums before jagged little pill, in 1999 Dogma and so on and so on. This woman is rich and also receives royalties on everything she has ever done and made.

    Dont talk out of yourass. Your mouth is on your face. The same place where your brain is resting.

  4. Marilyn Manson

    Ask Alanis about Marilyn Manson.

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