AC Milan Coach Says David Beckham’s Soccer Career Is Over

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David Beckham

I’m not one for any type of sports coverage, but what I will give time to is steaming hot guys. That includes L.A. Galaxy soccer star David Beckham. He’s hot and doesn’t mind posing in his underwear, or less, so what’s not to love?

Since becoming a huge sports star, David has branched out into modeling and fashion related things. Soccer is what made him famous and his looks have just helped to keep him in the spotlight. Seriously, I don’t know who any of these soccer players are except for Becks and Cristiano…but that’s just because they are so aesthetically pleasing, to say the least.

The First Post reports:

David Beckham’s career as a top-flight player is over, according to the coach at AC Milan, Massimiliano Allegri. He believes the 35-year-old is simply too old to get over the ruptured Achilles tendon he suffered while playing for Milan in March, and which, to Beckham’s huge disappointment, kept him out of England’s World Cup squad.

“He is recovering from a bad injury and at that age it is difficult to come back,” said Allegri.

What do you think? Do you think that the ruptured tendon spells the end for David as a soccer player? I’m sure he would still rake in the big bucks showing off that hot bod of his, either way.

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